About Us

 Our company story began in New Jersey in 1896. 


Our owner’s great grandfather started a plumbing and heating company in Hackensack, New Jersey.  By the time PV came along, it had passed from his grandfather to his father. This was a union company at the time and Phil (our owner) was running crews of eighteen men at the young age of only eighteen himself! 


Years later, In 2002, he took over that company. The company grew larger and had a better reputation than ever. Some of our customers included PSE&G, Home Goods, TJ MAXX, Marshall’s, NAI Management companies, Easter Seals, numerous Churches and Synagogues, as well as thousands of residential accounts. However, in the crash of 2008, business in New Jersey took a big hit.

 Phil decided to shelve the business and give it a go in the Cleveland area, where the recession hadn’t hit as hard as on the east coast yet.

Upon arriving in Cleveland, he went to work for a large chain company. This was the first time he had ever worked for anyone else in the industry in his life! What he found was that there is no comparison to the ethics of his own family company. The level of expertise and professionalism was something that could not be easily created in another company. He was noticing things that he would never do like, up-selling every customer, over charging and producing shoddy work. He knew he couldn’t stay. 

 He then went out and helped someone else start a company using his know-how and expertise, along with his work ethic. He turned that company into a multi million dollar company. Again, he noticed that as the company grew, the other person started taking it in a direction he did not agree with. He couldn’t associate himself any longer. This is when he realized that he had to go back to owning the company. It was the only way to ensure that the work was quality, prices fair and employees ethical and professional. He is on every job to ensure this.

 So, that’s how PV Plumbing started. A young company in Ohio, but a very long history of expertise over a lifetime for Phil, who also has expertise and certification in Medical Gas services, which has become the focus of the company here. 

We also do any and all commercial plumbing repairs, installations and new build outs.

 Our Motto: We will always be honest, ethical, professional and will complete work on time as promised and you will have the most knowledgable person in the industry on your project. 


As our ad in New Jersey said:

 No one can compete with our experience and expertise. Reliable, professional, friendly service.

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